Fire Keeper Training

Fire Keeper Training
year training
for men and women


Creative2Energy vzw
by Yves & Veerle

Fire Keeper Training

In this training we reach out all ‘tools’ to keep the fire professional and intuitive, as well in sweatlodges as all other fire ceremonies. Learn as a Fire Keeper how you can keep the space and take a group along in connection with the deeper transformative layers of a fire.

Use, origine and values concerned with fire in indigenous cultures worldwide; the power of fire in the medicine wheel, in connection with the 4 elements and the 4 wind directions. Preparation, as the building of fire, construction of a sweatlodge, types of wood and stones; learn to understand the language of the fire; offering tot the fire, smudging, fire as transformator, as a shaman, a teacher…

We will go deeper in the function of Fire Keeper and the importance of his/her fully presence with the fire. It is a task of full dedication from the heart and the soul, with all in and around the fire. Fire Keepers know that their relation with and keeping the fire is not only a spiritual event, but that the fire is also a fysical, emotional, mental healer, teacher, shaman or shamanca.
Treating the sweatlodge, we learn how to interact and feel amd observe the energies that are alive, to decide the intention or theme when you are guiding a sweatlodge.
We will look to the difference between traditional sweatlodges and temascales in North and South America and how we can create a sweatloge regarding the (groups)energy at the moment. We share songs around the fire and share wisdom on smudging, herbs and incenses.

We will learn to construct a sweatlodge and will go to the Eifel to search our own vulcanic stones. Jacques lives in the Eifel and is keeper of the Black Feet, we will share a sweatlodge with him.

During the fire walk weekend we learn to create a fire path and connect with the energy to walk without fear and in freedom over the fire. We learn to connect between fire, spirit and body, and create a bridge between the elements and the power of consciousness in the here and now, in the present, in connection with your purpose or intention.

After this training it is the purpose to be able to build a practice as a Fire Keeper through keeping the fire, guide sweatlodges or firewalks.

We ask a minimum of 3 experiences, with report.
You will after this training be able to communicate with an open mind and respect with the fire and your inner fire!

Data and program

5 weekends and a finishing day

1. weekend 30 september & 1 october 2017
• introduction circle and opening ceremony
• fire as part of the elements
• the Essence of Fire Keeper worldwide
• Indigenous traditions and their connection with the fire, Grandfather and Grandmother Fire
• Building a fire, First firesongs and turns keeping the fire at night
• types of wood and their use with the fire
• fire as transformative power
• the importance and meaning of smudging (cleaning energetically)
• honouring the fire and offering to the fire

2. weekend 14 & 15 october
Weekend Eifel (South of Belgium):
• types of stones, vulcanic stones used for the sweatlodge.
• sweatlodge
• importance of the fire in different seasons and keeping the fire at night

3. weekend 11& 12 november
Sweatlodge weekend. Deepening all the elements of a sweatlodge:
• preparation
• ways/systems to build the fire and stones
• intentions & honourng the elements and worlds
• pouring water & guiding sweatlodges
• building a sweatlodges
• sweatlodge songs

4. weekend 2 & 3 december

Fire walk weekend. All aspects of a fire walk:
• construction of a fire tower
• recharging energetically through meditation, exercises and songs
• learn to embrace your fears and obstructions (breaking arrows)
• being One with & connecting to the fire and fire walking

5. weekend 5 & 6 may
• empowering by Fire
• medicine wheel
• fire exercises and rituals, fire ceremony on Beltane and fire power
• information in the tasks to experience a minimum of 3 fireceremonies

6. saturday 2 june
• sharing circle and exchanging on the experiences.
• final ending ceremony

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