Sweatlodges for Men, Women and Mixed



sweatlodges for women

wednesday 6 september 2017 – FULL MOON – theme Harvesting – 17h30-22h30

Dear Women,

with the Full Moon of 6 september, we create a loving womb for a Healing Women Sweatlodge.

Theme is HARVESTING. We stand still and have a look to all that we have received (fysical, emotional, mental, energetic) , that what we could harvest or still can harvest.

In Gratitude for all there is, we give ourselves to the earth, and listen to the messages of all the elements (earth, water, fire, air) have to bring us for a next step in our daily lives.

We also invite the power of the play. playing with the elements, talk to our inner child, that in gratitude may receive, smell. feel, sing, play…

Welcome dear women, in each phase of your life
to sink together in the wonderful warm source of this sweatlodge

A warm Welcome from the Heart!
attribution: 50 euro


saturday 4 november – FULL MOON – theme: transition – start at 11h

attribution: 50 euro


sunday 17 september 2017
a wonderful purifying temascal (sweatlodge by the Mexican and Central American tradition)

Dear all,

welcome in our after summer TEMASCAL, a purifying sweatlodge for everyone. A temascal is a sweatlodge by Central/South American tradition, using lots of water and herbs.The temazcal was traditionally used by the Mayan culture to purify the body, mind, and spirit to reach a deep connection with Mother Earth. They would enter the temazcal for days at a time in search of the answers within themselves, exitiong the ritual as a newly profound being. The Mayans saw the temazcal as the womb of Mother Earth

Starts at 11h, we build the fire together with our intentions and awaken the fire.

Around 13h we enter the sweatlodge, and let go of time and space. We connect and melt with the earth, water, fire and air. We invite your to feel waht the summer brought you and make ourselves ready for autumn. We are close to the spring equinox (21 september), and take tjat energy with us in the Womb of Mother Earth.

A marvelous warm cleansing sweatlodge, to return to the natural womb, your source. And to be reborn…

After the temascal we share a potluck

Welcome from the heart

Veerle and Yves

INFO: creative2energy@gmail.com
STARTS 11u – contribution: 50 euro


SWEATLODGE 31 december (you can already suscribe!)

From Old to New 
contribution: 75 euro
info creative2energy@mail.com
guidance by Veerle & Yves & Fire keepers
met potluck nadien

Addres: Remerstraat 120, 3130 Begijnendijk.( Belgium)

or on demand elsewhere

Touch and Surrender yourself to the Earth, PachaMama
Be a flowing River, observe the Water within you
Listen to the Air, you can hear it, feel it, smell it, touch it
Wonika Wayan, the sacred air, spirit, life, breath
Melt with the Fire, the Stones, your Ancestors
Become one with your true nature
allowing it… to emerge
from these roots you shall grow,move, breath…