Kachina Creative Energy

aims to offer a place and platform to

* bring people and groups closer to nature and mother earth, to support them in their grounding;

* bring people and groups closer to themselves, to their female power, feelings and heartsenergy;

* coach people in their authentic personal and professional process;

* connect people and groups more to their creative and  intuitive Being;

* recharge, heal and grow;

* let people and groups encounter with each other and with other cultures.

We DO NOT stand for old structures, schools, systems and conceptions

We DO stand for female power and energy, for connection with the earth, with nature, to unveil masks and to create new energetic flows

Honouring this marvelous text of Erik Willems, who honoured the Goddess and was a source of inspiration for Lies and het Goddess Clothes see www.goddessclothes.be

She speaks:

I am earth,moon and sea

I am a virgin,a woman and a witch

I rule life and death

Cherish the sleeping souls at my breast

I am the big snake,sleep

Throw off my skin,transform

I am the phoenixbird,burn to ash

And fly young and strong to my lover,the sun

I am the protector of the eternal

Flowing,roaring,source of life

Out of my womb swim birds,plants,rocks,humans children,animals

While I eat them

I am the law of everlasting life

Through me and in me everything returns to be reborn

Dancing in spirals

Sparkling in colours

I am the carrier of the greatest mystery

The eternal self-renewing life

I am the seed in the frozen earth

Ready to develop my powers again

When the first sunrays kiss me

I am the symbol of all lifeshapes in nature

My power,my soul is equal in every



I am the protector of the paradise people

I will make Atlantis rise from the sea

I do not demand sacrifices or blood

But shiver from joy

When I taste the colours of your love

I live in the depths of the earth

Rule the cycles of the moon

I give birth to new life,harvest death

I am the mistress of wild things

I am a gluttonous paramour

Proud of my breasts,buttocks,belly and sensual lips

I want to dance with my lover

Around the fire at full moon

He is the king deer,the minotaur,Cernunnos

Horned god,cherish me

Satisfy  my lust

Protect my children

I am the owl

Foreshadow of death

I am the sap from the tree of life

I am the vulture,eating dead bodies

I am the moisture in the womb of the pregnant woman

I am the abyss,the labyrinth

I am the balance between destruction and creation

I was sunken for thousands of years

In your subconciousness

I was believed to be dead

Persecuted,burned as a witch

I had to hide in the darkest woods

And the deepest caves

To bundle my powers again

Now the hated sterile gods are dead

My time has come

I am the great goddess

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