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Touch and Surrender yourself to the Earth, PachaMama
Be a flowing River, observe the Water within you
Listen to the Air, you can hear it, feel it, smell it, touch it
Wonika Wayan, the sacred air, spirit, life, breath
Melt with the Fire, the Stones, your Ancestors
Become one with your true nature
allowing it… to emerge
from these roots you shall grow,move, breath…
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Purifying is as old as mankind. When you are ill your body cleans up through fever and evaporating the bacteries.

TEMAZCALLI in nahuahtl language comes from :
TE : TETL ; stone , MA : MAZITLI ; hot , CALLI : house
TEMAZCALLI house of the hot stones …
or also called sweatlodge

Today a temazcalli is interpreted as a sauna
but it is something more profound
its one of the most ancient ceremonies passed on
by more than 4 solar generations of anahuac

The shape of the temazcalli represents the sacred womb
of the mother earth
in which we enter to let go of what we no longer need
to purify and be reborn,
to renovate our energy with the power of the 4 elements,
to remember the origin of life , and all its forces
where we come from and where life wants to take us
to put our intentions , to ask for help ,
healing , giving thanks for all our blessings in life
send healing to your family and the world.

temazcalli can give us strength to go into our daily life with a clear mind and vision.

how does it work:
After we have heated up the hot volcanic stones in the sacred fire ,

(we call these stones grandmothers – because they are ancient from the beginning of creation , their by the ones who carry the ancient knowledge or memory)

we bring the grandmother stones inside the womb,inside the temazcalli in the center of the circle
and pour water on the hot stones to awaken this ancient memory that the grandmother stones carry

This divine fusion of water and fire by de ancestors called ATLACHINOLLI
which represents the duality of life , the creation of life , the divine presence which brings us healing.
and transformation as the water and fire turn into steam

We add sacred medicines to the stones , like copal,sage,ceder essential oils, herbs and many more
which we then breath in when this steam is released from the stones,

apart from spiritual and mental healing the temazcalli has many physical medicinal benefits:
against reuma,stress,musscle pains,skin problems,amnesia and many more
and benificial for weightloss,bloodflow,healthy skin,fysical streight and many more

All this is accompanied by traditional medicine songs.
These songs very sacred ancient songs ,
in ancient native language passed on generations
these songs are a way to talk to the spirits of nature ,
to give thanks , to heal
and to ask for blessings for yourself and all your relations ,
to remember to respect our mother earth ,
father sky and the elements and all its animals
that we are all brothers and sisters regardless color , race or religion .

these songs came to our ancestors through dreams,visions and sacred medicines from our mother earth ,
so these songs hold a lot of power and should be sang and shared in special moments

we will open the door 4 times , each door dedicated to one element

after the ceremony we give thanks to our grandfather fire and give a hug to close the ceremony


we travel with our TEMAZCALLI sweatlodge



Sweat Lodges are a rite of passage that allow Woman and Man to return home to the Creator’s heart, one of the last remaining doorways into a world of deep healing and spiritual connection.

Sweat lodges have deep roots worldwide. They have been taking place for thousands of years in North America, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Australia, Iceland and within most primitive (the word primitive comes from the Latin primitivus meaning ‘first born’) cultures across the globe.

Most indigenous cultures believe that there was a time, thousands of years ago, when the human race could communicate directly with the Creator. In this not-so-distant past, it is believed that every living man and woman could connect with Spirit, the Creator, God, or whatever name you feel represents the Infinite Power.

Since this link was broken, Medicine people, healers and Shamans have kept the connection alive. The Sweat Lodge has been passed down through generations as a doorway to this ancient birthright and a way home to the heart of Spirit.

Sweats have survived for millennia because of their remarkable healing ability. Inside a Sweat Lodge, you will feel like a baby in the womb again, your heart beating for the Mother of Creation. In this open communication, the cord is reconnected. You are truly Home.

A Sweat Lodge is one of the last remaining doorways allowing you to reconnect with the power of Spirit.

POSSIBILITIES to organize a sweatlodge on request:


O Metakuye Oyasin!