Vision Quest

vision quest1

Quest means literaly “a search for your vision”. It is originally a ritual of North American Indian cultures, to connect with nature and the elements, with silence and with yourself, to be able to receive answers and visions.

You leave all your belongings behind, your activities, your home, friends, children, enemies, problems, pleasures, every occupation in your life, and search for the connection with Silence, Nature, your Purpose in this life, on this Earth, with the authentic path of your soul. Normally a Quest takes four days, but we learned that in 24h one can reach a lot, so we can do this in a weekend. It could also be a wonderful preparation for a longer vision quest.

We know some beautiful places in the woods nereby were we first can tune in the energy and then everyone looks for his/her own place on a distance of 50-100 meters from the centre, where one can live his or her Quest. We stay at a central place to guide the quest. At the end of the day/night (24h) we give a sign and everyone comes back to the central place to return to the yurt where we can share our experiences and visions.

When one could do a Vision Quest?

When you have a clear question or intention.

When you have a difficult decision to take in your life.

When you have the feeling that you are being lived and you feel the need to take time and silence with yourself and nature, to be able to reconnect with the powers/spirits of nature.

When you look for answers in your life and would like to discover what your authentic soul path is.

Let nature and the spirits surprise you and receive the insights and visions that you need! After subscription one will receive the necessary instructions and the list of things to bring along.

Let nature and the spirits embrace you, and experience your vision through Mother Earth and nature, the four wind directions and elements .

Guiding by Yves. For more information and subscription, mail to